The key features of this application include memory cleaning, effectively taking care of battery life, network identification and bandwidth testing, auto stop of unnecessary background applications and many more. Using “SYS Activity Manager” regularly will help you to clean up the memory, extend the battery life, reduce the cost of net by identifying the cellular or WiFi connectivity, and speed up your iPhone, iPod or iPad.

“SYS Activity Manager” is a universal application so you can use it in any device within iPhone, iPod and iPad. And of course, in any version from iPhone 3G iOS 3.2 to the latest.

✓ Boost iPod, iPad, iPhone speed by maximizing FREE MEMORY space
✓ Learn about which Background Processes and Apps are running
✓ How to CLOSE Background Apps
✓ Maximize iPad, iPod, iPhone Battery Life
✓ Monitor 3G and WiFi network and speed
✓ Summarizes your disk usage
✓ Helpful tool for battery problem, network and device speed problem.
✓ iOS 5.1 and New iPad Retina Display support
✓ The only application in store supports The New iPad (iPad3)
✓ It is the application designed for Expert and Non-expert.


Key Features:

Memory (RAM)
• Easy understanding of device memory status.
• Visualization of Wired, Active, Inactive, Free memory allocation.
• Maximize free memory to speedup device performance.

Note: Press “Refresh” button on “Memory” view to maximize free memory space.

• List display of running Background Applications and other System Processes.
• How to close/manage Background Apps to reduce load on CPU, Battery and Memory.
• Tap on a process to see process detail.

• Adjust battery health to perform 3 step charge process with accuracy.
• Full cycle & trickle charge support.
• Multiple visual displays detailing battery status and use.
• Alarms to indicate charging status complete w/ accurate ‘time-to-charge’ displays.
• 100% charge notification, effective when you are on a rush.
• Full charge notification to prevent over-charging.
• Configurable Full Charge & battery Maintenance alerts.
• Tips on maximizing battery life when power not available.

Note: Please discharge you battery at level 10% and complete full charge to adjust battery health first time.

• Visualization of disk space status and usage.

• Detecting cellular data network & Wi-Fi network connection statuses.
• IP & MAC Address display when available.
• Internet connection speed test.

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